Bethlehem Breads

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Serve Wholesome Goodness

We were established in 1997 by two childhood friends on a Mission and understood that factory & Normal shop bread was causing havoc to peoples health and felt called to come up with something Nutritious and Healthier.

What People Say?

I am so happy to have come across the Wholewheat Bethlehem bread. My husband is an Insulin dependent diabetic and we have been searching for a delicious bread that will not increase the sugar in his blood after eating it. He has 1 slice for breakfast and there is no increase in his sugar readings after eating. The bread is made from organic ground wheat kernels and sweet potato is added. Both of these ingredients are slow releasing sugars ( called low GI) plus the fibre found in the bread also slows down the absorption of the starch into sugar. Thank you Marc for producing an extremely healthy and delicious loaf.

  • What are your biggest challenges: Loadshedding. It's extremely hard for small bread producers to grow.
  • Tell us about your flour: All our breads are made using stone-ground flours by from our Gideon Milling who only source wheat from local farmers who farm ethically and do not till and have no trace of glyphosate in their flour.
  • Sweet potato? When we say sweet potato, we mean real sweet potato and not sweetened potato flour starch. We use
  • No Additives: We only use filtered, oxygenated water in our products, no preservatives, additives or sugar
  • The Old Way: We use cultures and pre-ferment as raising agents the old fashioned way.