Oryx Ridge

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From Oryx Ridge: We aim to farm as sustainably as possible . No weed killers are used and we allow natural vegetation to cover the rows . We have used vetch and lupins as nitrogen fixing legumes under the trees which reseed themselves in the winter . Chickens are kept in a chicken “tractor” at night that moves around the orchard and stimulate microbial activity.

Fertilizer is applied in spring and again in January depending on the fruit set . This is done based on soil analysis ,with only the required amounts applied . The longer term aim is to improve the natural balance of the soil so that fertilizers are hardly needed . This is done by adding carbon in the form of straw or wood chips and chopping prunings in the rows . We then add humic and fulvic acid ( natural and organic) as well as mycorrhiza and organic stimulants to encourage algae and microbial activity in the soil .

Minimal chemical sprays are used . Organic Bioneem oil is occasionally used for olive beetle and other chewing insects . When needed a chemical spray will only be applied in the completely dormant winter period for scale when organic products haven’t worked . Organic foliar feeds are applied in summer to keep the leaves healthy.