Veldt reared

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Veldt Reared husband and wife team Steph and Rob have a small family farm located in Somerset West, and they have recently moved to Wolseley to extend their regenerative farming there. They will continue managing both farms.

"Chicken the way nature intended // Always outside, in the veldt, with fresh air, sunshine, organic and no other weird stuff. When we say PASTURE REARED CHICKEN - we mean it. Every single one of our chicks spend the majority of their lives on fresh pastures and fynbos, where we rotate them to fresh forages every single day once they big enough and have feathers. This allows them to peck and scratch for bugs, worms, grasses, seeds, flowers, weeds all day every day in the open air."

Their farming approach is that of regeneration, where the land is nurtured, food production is humane and the soil’s natural ecosystems are allowed to flourish. Their chickens grow at a slower, more natural and healthier rate, producing the most tender and delicious chicken meat.

*They mix their chicken feed sourced from Eddie's Eggs or Profile Feeds with individually sourced ingredients, ensuring they get the range of nutrients they need.

Feed from Profile feeds is GM free grain, however it is mixed in a factory which also makes GM feed. For this reason, there can be traces of contamination. Feed from Eddie's is certified GM free. GM grain is glyphosate resistant. This means it is grown in order to resist large doses of the very toxic pesticide roundup/glyphosate. Therefore, GM free grain is grain that is not glyphosate resistant, which means little to no glyphosate is used in the growing of that grain.

They are able to capitalise on the economies of scale of their main business, selling day old chickens to bring us great prices for regeneratively farmed chicken.